Bossuwé Brewing Co. identity

Visual identity for Belgium’s #1 microbrewery: Bossuwé Brewing Co.. Plus packaging for Bossuwé's first beer: Bomb-out!

Background: By the age of 20-something, oddballs Géraldine and Gaëtan tattooed Bossuwé logo on their knuckles to celebrate their founding of Bossuwé Brewery – Belgium's #1 microbrewery. Except they didn't. Well, anyhow, let's start from the beginning. The brewery has been founded in 2016 from a passion for hand-brewed beers and a winter beer series release followed.

The Case: I designed a logo keeping in mind it should be disturbing and weird, and shouldn't make too much sense either. After a few beers and tons of inspiration material we knew that it needs to contain a bomb and a monkey. That was it.


Afterwards, I helped Bossuwé Brewery with the packaging design. I built the concept around an exotic jungle theme and they named their first beer Bomb-out! Don't ask me why. I aim to help Bossuwé outdo and outbrew its competitors through the use of smart branding and gorgeous designing. In the beer world they stand out as fresh and bold, and they really make an impact on the shelves. Our client-designer journey has just begun, so stick around – this story isn’t over yet!


designer and art director specialising in visual identity projects.