Agata Smok is a Polish multidisciplinary designer based in Belgium.

Agata Smok is a Polish multidisciplinary designer based in Belgium.


Hi, I'm Agata, it's nice to meet you

I'm a designer and art director based in Belgium. Over the past 6 years I've been helping business owners find themselves and their brands through Visual Identity.

I think of myself as a hands-on designer. For me make is integral to my design philosophy. It is crucial how a business card feels after it's printed. I’ve always wanted my work to be the way I sketched it – relaxed and fresh, elegant yet free. I find architecture interesting because of its structure and functionality. I started as an interior architect, and then found that clients needed their space aligned with their identity, with who they are and how they want to be perceived.

I’m inspired by the authenticity I can find in nature, people and places, and I think it is the same quality I look for in the projects I choose. I like to work with people who understand and share this passion for make and quality of design.

I enjoy seeing my work used in the real world, where good design is about living a thoughtful life.

I'm an attentive listener with the ability to pinpoint the qualities and strengths of my clients to help them go beyond their desired goals. Passion for simplicity, thoughtful details, colour, typography, and composition makes my work elegant and sophisticated.
I’m also an illustrator and a traveller… but more of that shortly below.

How can I help you?

Do you need a visual representation for your business, brand or organisation? Do you feel that your current branding or logo doesn't communicate the message anymore? Are you looking for someone who can capture the atmosphere of your ideas easily?

I define your visual language by creating accurate brand guidelines, powerful logos, customised icon sets, tailored graphic identities, illustrations and visual storytelling. Through a mix of skills and a network of collaborators I offer design solutions starting with briefing and finishing with completed visual identity.

/ Logo and Stationery Design
/ Concept Development
/ Brand Guidelines
/ Visual Language
/ Branding

Do you feel that the space around you is discouraging and has no character? Do you want to express an idea behind your festivalshop or private space better? Are you looking for a creative who can turn the empty environment around you into an inspiring spot where people want gather?

I thoughtfully design overall character of spaces and create functional plans which express a purpose of places. Each project, regardless of scale or site, is influenced by context, investigation of materials and understanding of your needs. 

/ Interior Design and Styling
/ Installations
/ Event Design
/ Spacial Consulting
/ Character Moodboards

Are you looking for someone who can be responsible for a visual style in your magazine, newspaper or a movie production? Do you want to create an overall look and feel for your website or a product? Do you need someone who can direct your team to develop coherent artworks or layouts? 

I develop overall designs and visual styles by working across departments. I determine how to represent your concept visually by reviewing and approving designs, artwork, photography, and graphics developed by many different creatives and collaborators.

/ Photography
/ Illustration
/ Set Styling
/ Magazines & Books
/ Lookbooks & Catalogs

Let me tell you my story

From optician to artist

Who would ever tell that this small, shy girl—who was born and risen in between forests and mountains—will ever apply to an Art School? Frankly, since my dad is a dentist and my mum a pharmacist, it felt kind of natural to become an optician. I really wanted to help people see further and better the beautiful world around them. After all this is what I do, but not as an optician, but as a designer.

Since I've always been driven more by art and literature, then biology and physics, I decided to study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan (Poland). 

Early steps

Already during studies I was helping small companies with their business cards or websites. I volunteered during many different Art and Design Festivals, creating scenography and objects, while learning about their strategies. During my student exchange in Lyon (France) I got a proposition to do my first internships. Wow, real job, in a real office with lunch breaks and staff meetings - that was amazing. Lyon - it's huge, right? I was bitten by the travel bug and carried on by getting into another internships, this time in Eindhoven - the Centre of Dutch Design and the City of creative businesses in Netherlands. I didn’t know it at the time but that completely changed my life.


I’ve learned so much from the experience of different projects I had in Poland, France and in the Netherlands that shortly after graduation I became a freelancer in Belgium. What brought me here? Well that's a story I might write a book about as soon as I retire. In short: love! I became a freelancer in Belgium as soon as I moved here to live with my boyfriend at the time, today my husband—Bob.

After growing up around rather harsh, yet stunning, mountains I became self-motivated and willing to work my ass off. Being a designer is closer to being an optician than I thought. We are here in customer service with a client and a brief and we are hired for our professional experience. We have to fit all we know within our client’s needs. It’s really important to be able to listen to our clients and recognise their wishes and tastes. I love talking my clients into things, helping them make good decisions and inspire them.

Everything is connected

Since I've always been a curious person, I can design for many different media – from print and digital to products, spaces and environments. Since I've been traveling a lot globally, I find significancy in local stories. Even if I moved forward, I still look for my inspiration in life close to nature, you can read more about it here. And I keep drawing and painting, just as when I was little. 

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