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Timeframe: 5-10 weeks

It ain't easy setting up a business nowadays. At the same time you feel you're ready to finally look professional? You're in the right place.


Brand guidelines:

Brand guidelines explain how to use the new visual identity with confidence and clarity and ensure consistency within the brand.

Logo (logo, logotype, submark):

To maintain a strong brand image logo is applied consistently wherever it appears. Its colour, position and size are all specified within the brand guidelines.

Color palette:

The unique colour palette creates distinctive frameworks for ourbrand which help us stand our from our competitors.

Typography (font recommendations and usage):

Typographic style helping to create strong, recognizable and innovative communications.


Business card, letterhead, folder cover, postcards and envelopes design are included depending on your specific needs.


Visual representation of website page, social media profile, presentation slides or stock photo curation for your site are included depending on your specific needs.


Selection of images, photographs, diagrams and/or illustrations tailored to your needs, depending on your specific needs. Iconography curation.


To well explain your services and the unique value proposition of your organisation you might need a custom made publication: brochure, diagram, animation...

Services start at € 1.500

Screenshot 2017-10-11 14.35.36.png

Timeframe: +10 weeks

You have an awesome product or service that people want and need, but your brand and website are holding you back from making the kind of impact you want. The services below will give you the confidence you need to run the business of your dreams.


  • Everything from the Start-up package or an update of the existing branding you use now.


  • 5-page SquareSpace website and SquareSpace tutorial.
  • Blog and Mailchimp setup + template.
  • Social media templates for the platform of your choice.
  • Posters, notecards, postcards, letterhead design - depending on your needs.
  • Logo reveal animation.

Services start at € 3.500


Timeframe: 1 day a week

You can also book me for a specific number of days in a moth, for exclusive assistance with your on-going projects. 


  • On-going projects Art Direction.
  • Visual Identity and marketing material curation.
  • Trainings for you or your team.
  • 1 to 1 coaching.

Services start at € 440/day

Work with Agata was very smooth in all possible ways. Although we have not met in person (yet), I had a feeling that Agata’s perception and understanding of my/our needs and wishes is just on spot and she always came with the right proposal / idea to bring to our attention in get to where we needed... I’m already looking for the future cooperation.
Agata is a talented designer, creating unique and innovative visual identification projects. Her projects break stereotypes while maintaining simplicity and elegance. Agata created the logo for Creamy and helped the new brand to be born.
— Zofia Witucka, Creamy
Agata is een multidisciplinaire designer en illustrator van Poolse afkomst. Ze leeft en werkt in Belgie sinds 2012. Met haar pragmatische en leergierige attitude kan ze elk project aan, van print tot digitaal. Agata heeft uitstekende project management skills en een goed menselijk inzicht. Ze werkte mee aan de infografiek van het renovatiepact, de Windgids van het VEA en maakte de illustraties voor de BEN-handleiding.
— Mara Callaert, Visuality
I really enjoyed working with Agata. She took the time to understand my story and made sure the visual identity is exactly matching that what I wanted to achieve. I really appreciated her professional & structured approach, her clear project communication, her flexibility and all the tips she gave me as a starting entrepreneur. She showed to be extremely good in what she does: I’m extremely happy with the end result!

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