Re-Org book cover

Re-Org book cover

Illustrations for the book "RE-ORG, a method to reorganise museum storage" by ICCROM and Canadian Conservation Institute.

Background: "RE-ORG, a method to reorganize museum storage" by ICCROM and the Canadian Conservation Institute, is a workbook, with worksheets and additional resources, that aims to help small and medium museums reorganise their storage.

Case: Visuality reached out to me to develop the cover illustration for the publication. The elements designed for the cover are also used inside, with each letter standing for a different chapter in the book.

Yellow, represented by the letter "R", is for Getting Started (the time when the staff gets organized, learns to work as a team, and prepares the materials and equipment for the project):

Letter illustrated ICCROM RE-ORG, a method to reorganize museum storage

Green, represented by the letter "E", is for Condition Report (the time when the team goes into the storage, surveys the conditions in which objects are stored: ie.: sees if the units are overcrowded, objects are on the ground, whether there are pests or deterioration, etc):

Blue, represented by the letter "O", is for Action Plan (when the team pulls together all the info collected from storage, discusses changes, makes a time schedule, and plans equipment and furniture needs):

Purple, represented by the letter "R", is for Implementation (when the team starts working practically by moving stuff, clearing hallways, cleaning, refurbishing, and getting every object in its place and in good condition):

The last image, represented by letter "G", is all about the museum’s visitors.
It is not represented in the book, but we all agreed that it was the best ending for the publication:

Process: We first created free-hand sketches for ICCROM to agree on the content. After, we developed digital illustrations that corresponded to their book-brand and the colours used in the publication.

First sketches for the cover design

First sketches for the cover design

Client: Visuality
Illustration: Agata Smok
Cover and book design: ICCROM

ICCROM, 2017

designer and art director specialising in visual identity projects.