Visual identity for image consultant BOAQUARIUS

Visual identity for image consultant BOAQUARIUS

Visual identity for Image Consultant

I first met Bo in Mechelen during our Dutch language course. Bo didn't seem very happy with her work situation and she felt a bit suffocated, I think. We talked about the pros of being self-employed and the freedom it gave me. We started to brainstorm about Bo's passion for fashion and helping people, as well as about the gap in *being* and *feeling* empowered through clothing. We found it. BOAQUARIUS was born!


Bo was really inspired by the conversations we had while developing her personal brand. I gave her an entrepreneurial kick by telling her literally where to begin. The 1-year journey started. She invested a lot of time and hard work into growing her personal brand. I tried to be there for business support all the way through. And look where she is today! I'm so immensely proud of her, she really proved that anything is possible. What a success story! ✨

You can book Bo through her website: for image consultancy and coaching!


These are some images I prepared for Bożena’s brand guidelines which explain how to use the new visual identity with confidence and clarity.


The guidelines have been designed to ensure consistency within BOAQUARIUS as a brand, helping to create strong, recognizable and innovative communications.

The following images demonstrate the flexibility within the identity and should be used to inspire and motivate creative expression.

Unique identity, colour palette and typographic style creates distinctive frameworks for BOAQUARIUS which help Bozena to build strong relationships with her audience.


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