Creamy visual identity

Designing a visual identity for lifestyle store and cosmetics brand Creamy.

Zofia Witucka is bringing a touch of West artisanship to Warsaw with her beautifully curated lifestyle store and brand, Creamy. She first had the idea for the business while travelling through Haiti for a couple of years now. She noticed an abundance of independent cosmetics makers in Haiti, something her hometown of Warsaw seemed to be lacking. 

Logo design was inspired by Erzulie, the Haitian African spirit of love, beauty, jewelry, dancing, luxury, and flowers.
Her symbol is a heart, her colours are pink, blue, white and gold. Alike the Polish Black Madonna of Częstochowa who's symbols are a pierced heart and knives or swords.

Erzulie was copied as the Polish Black Madonna, as she is represented as being dark-skinned with two scars on her face.
Following the landing of Polish legionaries on the island in 1802, there were many more copies of this painting on Haiti. 

Client: Creamy
Website development: Dominik Daniluk
Photography: Iza Fotografuje
Interior Architecture: Ania Kowalska
Paintings: Cupidyn (visual identity) and Zofia Blazko (interiors)
Creamy, 2015

Packaging design:


Art direction:

Interior design (with Ania Kowalska and Zofia Blazko) and service design:


Stationary design:

Website design (with Dominik Daniluk):

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