Iconic Life

Visualisation helps us remember and understand better. it makes us aware of connections between things and gives us a better overall picture.

Wherever I travel I take a notebook with me. It has always been like that, as long as I can remember. Doesn't matter if my travel is just about taking a train to work or in order to visit new places. I note down my daily routines, agendas, meals or ideas.

Very often I encourage my clients and friends to do the same. Sketch-noting captures something which neither our memory nor our phones can and it's worth giving it a try. What if you want to visualise your life? You must certainly think about all the moment which feel important. 

Recently a couple living in NY reached out to me to visualise their lives in a set of hand-drawn icons. They were definitely life-long travellers and those travels, near and far ones, shaped their lives. We could only actually see it after the set of icons was placed on a chronological timeline - there has been so many airplanes on this timeline.

There is something transcendental about the final card result. On one side there are colourful icons in a digital print on the other gently letterpressed text with all the information about couple's daughter birth. That was one of those very unique designs I did for a rather simple yet inspiring idea.

Above: Geboortekaartje for Eloise, daughter of Laura and Axel
Words and Photographs by Agata Smok

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