Behind the scenes: letterpress

What's the process of designing a birth announcement?

Research And Reference

First of all you start with looking for a set of references. This will help me to understand what your expectations are. Look for examples you have at home, check Google and Pinterest. 
We are surrounded by tons of awesome objects, so just go and dig it out. 
There might be a particular story you want to tell, colour which you like, a paper type or a printing technique which you enjoy. 
Bring it all and we will talk. 


Well, when we meet for the first time I will be interviewing you, because there is a lot of questions I need to ask. What is your focus? Do you have a story or idea? Based on what I know, I can guide you some more through the process. 
After our first meeting you should deliver the content (all the texts you would like to see on the card and the list of names). This content might change later, but preferably as little changes as possible. 

Sketching And Conceptualising

I start by making pencil sketches on paper. This is the easiest and the fastest way to introduce first ideas.

Once, The-Parents-To-Be served a coffee during our briefing meeting, in this retro-looking, flower-decorated coffee cups. At home I sketched an idea inspired by this coffee cups and it totally worked! 


I prepare the presentations of the idea on every stage: sketchy notes, illustrations with typography and colours, mock-ups and photomontages… I love to share my ideas with you. 
In the meantime I’m getting impatient and I can’t wait to see the stickers being printed or letters being embossed. Print offers a wonderful amount of possibilities with incredible limitations. 


On the end of our journey I will send you and to the printer a digital file. I do not print the cards myself, but I love to help finding the right printer, the right paper and the technique to print with. I assist and guide you, during the printing process till we see the result or the test-print together. 

The card you can see here was designed for Roos, daughter of Christine and Piet. We printed it at Drukkerij Dirix with help of Els Slangen. 
We went for letterpress on Macho Mick 470 gr paper which has a warm white colour and a subtle texture. Card is printed recto-verso with one PMS 226U colour on a square format (150 x 150 mm). Envelopes were a bit bigger 155 x 155 mm, Crown Mill paper of 120 gr. Colour of the envelope was brighter than the texts and is called Bougainvillee (which means basically Pantone 233U).

Would you like to meet and talk about a birth announcement?

If you are curious to hear more about what I can offer, do not hesitate to get in touch. Send me your brief and learn how I work.

Geboortekaartje for Roos, daughter of Christine and Piet

designer and art director specialising in visual identity projects.