Mechelen: Bar Klak

Mechelen: Bar Klak

Place to be for a perfect espresso shot in the old town of Mechelen.

After a hat shop called "Klakkenhuizeke" closed down 10 years ago, Mechelen lost one of its most nostalgic shops which transformed into a real estate agency.

Just recently in the beginning of 2016 Van Itterbeeck bought this tiny buildingand made it a part of the Daedalus Group which includes places like Hotel Elisabeth, L'Artista, Il Cardinale, den Wolsack or Den Grooten Woslack. 

Klak feels already pretty well embedded in the old town scenery, as if it has always been there. While serving coffee to the historical neighbourhood it seems to be growing a supportive community of people who are intrigued with what they are offered both coffee and experience-wise. Just a side-note: "klak" means "hat" in Dutch. 

Tuesday - Friday 7.00 – 17.00
Saturday 7.00 – 18.00
Sunday - Monday

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