Nothing to add: the power of simplifying

Nothing to add: the power of simplifying

Since the classical times, philosophy has been concerned with simplicity. ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus thought that our purpose is to attain a tranquil life, characterised by peace and freedom from fear while living a self-sufficient, ascetic lives which is surrounded by friends.

Often when approaching new projects, we get uncomfortable by complicated briefs or complex stories. Suddenly, we find ourselves overwhelmed by endless possibilities and tight deadlines. When this happen remember all the great chefs mantra: keep it simple and honour the ingredients. 

By simply questioning the endlessness of possibilities, we might find a very quick way out of all empowering anxiety above us. On our designer's table, just like on a chef's table, we should be looking close to our ingredients. In order to achieve a great result we need to use your senses and focus on eliminating unnecessary details. Paper might be the most tactile ingredient you have to communicate your design. It helps you to create personality or amplify a message. It's something that everyone can literally feel or even smell. 

While designing for print, talk with your printer and ask for advice early on – they know what works well and what doesn't. They may flag up a particular design which leads you to simplification. Printer may inspire you by various recommendations. Do your research in advance so you can point the discussion in the right direction. Run tests on your own before going ahead with production. Check if your design is in the right size and colour, and if it's possible to remove any remaining clutter at this point. 

Marriage Invitation for Laura and Axel
Design by Agata Smok Print Jozias Boone

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